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23 January
Somewhere entrenched in my 30s... Sometimes I feel younger, sometimes I feel older... it can vary hour by hour...

PC/Network Support Technician, currently doing the contractor thing, though there have been times when full-time looks rather close.
CompTIA A+ certified. Can build/diagnose/repair PC systems.

Heavily into RPGs. (Ask for a list sometime... it's rather long...) Currently involved with HERO/Champions 5e, D&D 3e/3.5e. Toying about with Stargate SG1, as well as a few other d20 games. Also working on one or two ideas for D&D 3.5e campaigns, with elements from a couple of other systems.

Big fan of Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull... and now reliving my ZZ Top fanness...
Play guitar... can plunk about on bass, and trying to learn the flute...

Married (as of 11 October 2003) to a wonderful third grade teacher who accepts me for who I am without too much of a fuss. (silvara77)

Got a Maine Coon named Julius. Big old sweetheart of a cat.

Currently a resident of that lovely (*cough*) city known as Worcester, Massachusetts. Lived here since late 1977. Know it well, love it, hate it.

As of December 2004, I'm working full time as a customer support rep for a small company that deals with remote control units for broadcasting transmitters. It's not computers, but it's work.
July 2006 -- back on the job hunt. *grumble*
October 2006 -- Hired on in the Data Support group at OneCommunications in Marlborough MA.

6 May 2005: My wife and I welcome our little one, Marcus Cole Johnson into the world. Pictures in the gallery.

Anything else? Ask! :)

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pfloyd is, well... an avid RPG'er, technophile, music-lover, Red Sox fan, Mountain Dew guzzler, Alton Brown-wannabe, voracious reader, lazy writer, and devoted and loving husband (to silvara77) and father (to Marcus -- no LJ for him). For his other interests, see his profile.
Strengths: Quick wit, ability to improvise. Keen situational awareness. A font of slightly useless knowledge. Able to be a rules lawyer in a single bound!
Weaknesses: Laziness. Sometimes forgetful. Sometimes he just doesn't seem to keep priorities straight. Easily distracted.
Special Skills: Font of useless knowledge, improvisational cooking, expert air guitarist and bassist, firearms proficiency, martial artist.
Weapons: Always armed with a quick wit and a mouth that would make a Master Chief cringe. The deadlier stuff is at home.
Extreme Dislikes: Stupidity, elitism in any form, snobbery, extremism, reality TV, loud music not to my tastes, and traffic.

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